About MaViPa...

Marathi Vidnyan Parishad (MaViPa) is involved in propagating science in society. In Maharashtra, MaViPa works mainly in Marathi. However, programmes are also conducted in English, whenever required.


  • Society Registration Act: BOM 81/66/GBBSD (Date - 12-8-1966)
  • Bombay Public trust Act: F-1429/BOM (Date - 6-9-1966)
  • FCRA Cerificate no.: 084020008 (Date - 14/05/2012)

(Donors can claim Income Tax rebate under clause 80G of Income Tax Act)


  1.  Propagate science in Marathi language.
  2.  Enrich Marathi language to express science effectively.
  3.  Inculcate science temper among people.
  4.  Encourage science research.

MaViPa has total 70 chapters in Maharashtra. In addition, it has 4 Chapters outside Maharashtra. This includes Goa, Belgaon, Vadodara and Bhopal Chapters. These Chapters work through languages like Konkani, Kannada, Gujarati and Hindi, respectively, along with Marathi and English.


MaViPa is a recipient of 1992 National Science Award from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.
FIE Foundation has also felicitated MaViPa.
Marathi Vidnyan Parishad Patrika has been awarded Best Magazine by Maharashtra Foundation in the year 1998.


MaViPa trustee board consists of following 7 members. 

  1. Dr. Jayant Narlikar
  2. Dr. Anil Kakodkar
  3. Sh. Prabhakar Deodhar
  4. Dr. Vijay Kelkar
  5. Sh. Pramod Lele
  6. Smt. Achala Joshi
  7. Dr. Vijaya Wad

Prof. J.B.Joshi (Ex-Director, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai) is President of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad.

Managing committee of MaViPa is comprised of 23 members. Office bearers include five vice-presidents, three secretaries and a treasurer. In addition, each MaViPa chapter has one representative on managing committee. The managing committee meets twice in a year in Mumbai. Managing committee has appointed a standing committe for operational convenience. Standing committee consists of all office bearers of MaViPa and managing committee members staying in Mumbai. This committee meets once in every month. MaViPa has a permanent staff of 15 members to execute the programmes chalked out by the managing committee. Managing committee members are working voluntarily for MaViPa. Annual turn-over of the organisation is around Rs. 50 lakhs. Main sources of income for the organisation include donations from individuals as well as institutes, programme fees, subscription from members and to some extent advertisements for Patrika.

Annual Report (2015-16)

वार्षिक अहवाल

List of ex-Presidents

  1. Dr. R.V.Sathe (1966 – 1976)
  2. Shri M.N.Gogate (1976 – 1982)
  3. Prof. B.M.Udgaokar (1982 – 1991)
  4. Dr. Jayant Narlikar (1991 – 1994)
  5. Dr. Vasant Gowarikar (1994 – 2000)
  6. Shri Prabhakar Deodhar (2000 - 2014)